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Our Team

Todd Manley - Chef

Chef Todd Manley is passionate about cooking! He has won multiple various awards He  loves working with new ingredients and creating new dishes that these ingredients inspire. Breadfruit calls out to him as a superstar ingredient for a multitude of reasons.

Since making St. Croix his home, he has opened four popular restaurants, continually reinvesting in his adopted and beloved home. In 2015, the community honored him through the Chamber of Commerce awarding him “Business Man of the Year.” The same year he received The Congressional Certificate of Special Recognition from US Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett for contributions to community and betterment of society for his achievements and helping the community of St. Croix.

Chris Richeson – Chief Product and Development Mastermind

Chris is the mad scientist behind MUTINY Island Vodka.  Chris has over 15 years of distilling experience and is the CEO, owner, and operator of Chesapeake Bay Distillery. He is a Gold Medal Winning Master Distiller whose mission has always been to produce the cleanest spirits possible. This attention and commitment to quality has led to three double gold medals and happy patrons around the world.

Art Wollenweber - Master Distiller

Art Wollenweber has considered St. Croix his home for the last eleven years.  An engineer who worked with DuPont and Diageo for over 25 years, Art has perfected his craft and found his calling in our developing distillery, Sion Farm Distillery on his home turf.  A bit of an artistic soul mixed with a love for nature, Mutiny Island Vodka is what brought Art on board with us. Not only does he apply his creativity to the distillation process but he gets involved in our efforts to support the use of breadfruit to ease world hunger and fortify food security.